Bento Lunch Box

Customers come to the factory for inspection

2023-12-26 22:00

          The customer came to our factory for an on-site inspection of the lunch boxes. Kevin Xu warmly received the guests from afar, accompanied the customer to visit the factory workshop and inspected the products.


lunch box


       During the visit, Kevin Xu introduced the products and processes in detail to the customers, and professionally answered the questions raised by the customers. His rich professional knowledge left a deep impression on the customers.

 bento box


       After a series of tests, the product successfully passed the inspection. Although there are many steps in the inspection process, the whole process is smooth and the customer is very satisfied. Our company's high-quality products and services, advanced equipment and technology, good reputation and reputation are also important reasons for attracting this customer's visit.

 bamboo bento box

       Every customer visit is an affirmation and a motivation for us, urging us to treat every customer seriously, make every product conscientiously, continuously improve product quality and service levels, and make customers worry-free. BOX Household's has always persisted in its unremitting pursuit.

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