Double Layer Bento Lunch Box And Bag Set

Advantages of Double Layer Bento Lunch Box And Bag Set

1.4 in 1 Design TF109 Lunch Box: The bento lunch box set can be converted into 4 types of lunch boxes, the first is a double-layer bento lunch set with a knife, fork and spoon, the second is a double-layer lunch box without a cutlery set, the third is a single-layer lunch box with a knife, fork and spoon, and the fourth It is a single-layer bento lunch box set without a set of cutlery.

2.TF101 Soup Container: Combined with double layer bento lunch set TF109 to form a bento lunch box set, with a capacity of 480ml, the container can be used as soup cup, water cup, coffee cup and salad cup.

3.Lunch Bag: The insulated tote bag in the lunch bag set is made of cotton linen, and the lining is made of aluminum film. Combined with bento lunc box set TF109 and soup container, Make it easy to pack the variety food to reduce the amount of single-use plastic baggies that get thrown away every day. The lunch bag set is perfect for school, office or camping.

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  • Made in China
  • 35-45 days
  • 63000/days
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Double Layer Bento Lunch Box And Bag Set


The lunch bag set include includes a 4 in 1 design bento lunch box set TF109, a soup container and a tote lunch bag. Bento lunch set TF109 and soup container TF101 are made from 50% bamboo fiber and 50% PP. These containers are dishwasher safe and microwave safe as well as 100% leak proof. Lunch bag is made from cotton and aluminum foil and EPE to keep food cool and warm. Mainly used for lunch on the go , office, school, hiking, camping, and picnics in the park etc. The bamboo lunchboxes looks premium and is easy for adults and children to use.


1. Leak Proof Bento Lunch Box Set: Our bento lunch set box comes with food grade premium silicone sealing ring to avoid leaking into your lunch bag set.

2. BPA Free Bento Lunch Box Set: The premium polypropylene material we use for this stackable bento box is imported from Korea, BPA free and passed FDA and LFGB tests. With 50% Degradable bamboo powder, is eco-friendly. Including spoons and forks.You can enjoy your own made healthy meals again and again.

3. Premium Lunch Bag : The lunch bag set is made from cotton linen, outer surface is looks more fancy and natural, with aluminum foil and thicker insulation to keep your food fresh.

4. Your All-in-One Meal Prep Set: Includes everything you'll ever need for easy portion control, a roomy lunch bag set, double deck bento lunch box set, and soup container to carry the day's food for a healthy and happy meal time.

5. Microwave, Refrigerator, Dishwasher safe: This lightweight and durable bento lunch set can be heated in the microwave when open the silicone vent plug, and washed in the dishwasher once all compartments are opened. Can also be used as a food storage container in the refrigerator. With a portable lunch bag set, it is very convenient for children or adults to bring food to school, office, picnic or other outdoor activities.


MaterialBamboo/PP; Nylon; Silicone

Lunch Box Set: 195*122.5*63.5mm

Soup Container: 97×95.8×109 mm

Tote Lunch bag set: 230*120*310 mm (Spread)


Lunch Box Set: 1200mL

Soup Container: 480ml


Lunch Box Set: 450g

Soup Container: 120g

ColorAccept Customization

Standard Accessories

Nylon Bandage * 1

PP Lid (With silicone seal and plug) * 3

Removable Divider * 1

PP Box Body * 2

Soup cup lid *1

Soup body *1

Lunch bag *1


lunch bag setbento lunch set

bento lunch box set

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